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How To Ask Question At Agony Aunt / Rules

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  • How To Ask Question At Agony Aunt / Rules

    We all deal with the same old garbage - whether it's lying lovers, ungrateful bosses, cutthroat co-workers or the loads of rude people. We are bound to get sick of them.

    Now at SantaBanta Forum we are providing you the opportunity to offload your baggage of problem and ask Agony Aunt!!!

    You can talk of anything from Lifestyles of the sick and restless to confessions about sex, funny stories about losing your virginity to real life sexual fears. All your queries will be answered by Agony Aunt.

    The new threads will be moderated.
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    1. All you need to do to ask a question, is to click on to , and type out your question. Once the question is typed, press 'Submit Thread' and you are done.

    2. Your question will be visible to the moderators, but not to you until a moderator approves it.

    3. While most genuine questions are approved, explicit language will not be entertained at all.

    4. The moderator may change the title of the thread so that users understand what its about. threads titled 'plz help...'. 'I'm in trouble...' etc are very generic, so the moderator may change the heading.

    5. Please do not be impatient. Your questions will be approved and answered. Due to many questions, it may sometimes take some time.

    6. Please do NOT post your question again and again.

    It is our endevour to help you to the best of our abilities, and we are very happy to be of any help.

    Preeto Maam
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      1. No chatting in the threads is allowed. We already have a separate section in SBF for chatting, so make use of it! If chatting is found, it will be deleted.

      2. Users are welcome to give their views on different topics, but abusive language in any thread will not be tolerated. If such posts are found, they will be edited or deleted.

      3. No advertisement threads or threads with external links are allowed here. If found, they will be deleted.

      4. Users are requested not to bump threads that are too old.

      5. Do not make multiple threads for one problem. Add further queries for clarifications on your original thread only.

      There is a great possibility of being subjective in the AA section. Users are counseled to be very careful about using the tool of NEGATIVE REPUTATION in this section. Even the moderators of the section seldom give negative reputations. Be cautioned that if you use the tool, it has to be for a very good reason. We would discourage injudicious use of this tool in this section.

      7. People posting questions should post their questions in a language which is lucid and easy to read and understand. We would advice people not to use too complex and sms type language in their questions.

      8. In any case, the decision of the moderators will be final.
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        * Refrain from laughing & jokes & i agree & rep++ kind of replies in AA section to maintain discipline here.

        The replies with laughter,trolls & jokes will be deleted .

        * Do not give your personal contact information in query.

        * If u really like some reply u can write u agree. but dont make it a habit. also try to add in your own points along with i agrees.
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