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Soon, hair lotion to cure baldness

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  • Soon, hair lotion to cure baldness

    Soon, hair lotion to cure baldness

    Soon, hair lotion to cure baldness

    Scientists believe that a hair lotion that cures baldness could be on the market within two years.

    They found that a single enzyme has a major role to play in male-pattern baldness, as experienced by the Prince William.

    The researchers are already in talks with pharmaceutical firms about making the product, which would work by stopping the effects of a single guilty enzyme.

    Earlier this years, US-based dermatologists had announced they had found that an enzyme called prostaglandin D2 (PGD2) instructed follicles to stop producing hair.

    They identified it by screening 250 genes implicated in hair loss, the Telegraph reported.

    George Cotsarelis, head of dermatology at Pennsylvania University, said that the one responsible for levels of PGD2 played "the major role".

    He said he was now in talks with several drugs firms about creating the anti-baldness product.

    Drugs are already available in the market that reduce PGD2 levels, as it has been implicated in asthma, holding out the hope that developing a related product for baldness could be speedy.

    Cotsarelis and his colleagues found that in 17 men with hair loss, PGD2 levels were three times higher in bald spots as compared to hairy areas.

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    Good ... very good.. news. No one wants baldness. lol


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      Yuppie....good news...
      'Power & Money are marvelous sources if they remain in pocket but they are terrible masters once they enter the head."


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        I strongly doubt that the study will successful. As a Pharmacist i have been issuing prescribed drugs including hair loss ones (such as Propecia) for many years now, and it's a misconception that such an inherited genetic problem can be resolved so easily and indefinitely 'without the need of follow up care' Some men who are victim to male pattern baldness, are that way because they have high levels of the natural hormonal testosterone converted into dihydrotestosterone - the major cause for hair loss. Science would have to cross many a path to combat this problem without succumbing to severe side effects. I'll believe it when i see it.
        So may it be


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          good news..................................


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            Yale researchers report that signals from stem cells in the fatty layer of the skin may trigger the growth of new hair. The study in mice may lead to better understanding and treatments to reverse baldness -
            Researchers know that men with male pattern baldness still have the stem cells that are necessary for hair growth in their follicle roots, but the cells are dormant and can’t spur growth. It’s also been known that the hair follicle stem cells need signals from within the skin to grow hair. The question is, where do the signals come from?


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